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The People Who Do

This is a series where I interview people who do things above average. There are no rules for success, only consistency in the work you do. None of the people I interviewed are super-humans. They’re just dedicated, and they have a lot of awesome things to teach us.

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Anthony Moore

Anthony has successfully built his business around courses, webinars and blogging to become financially independent. We talk about the future of online marketing and beating procrastination.

Niklas Göke

Niklas has successfully built his side project of writing into a viable business. We talk about choosing the right project to start working on and taking some time off once you've made it to the top.

Jessica Wildfire

A slightly disenchanted college professor who blogs while raising a family, Jessica focuses on writing, making money, and writing more. We talk social media and the extreme importance of journaling.

Amy Chan

Amy quit her 6-figure job to create her company. She's been featured all over media and landed a book deal by year 2 in business. We talk purpose and moving on after a life shakeup.

Nicolas Cole

Nicolas is an author whose work has received over 50 million views online. He is the founder of Digital Press, a successful content marketing agency working with top execs. We talk work ethic and storytelling.

David Kadavy

David is an author and the host of the Love Your Work podcast. He started his own online platform after working in Silicon Valley. We talk publishing your own work and time management systems.

Brian Pennie

Brian is a keynote speaker, PhD student, and university lecturer. He recovered from heroin addiction 6 years ago, and has since been spending his time on his life purpose: showing people that change is possible. We talk change and mindfulness.

Jordan Gross

Jordan left the corporate world to chase his dreams at age 23. He is the founder of The Journey to Cloud 9 where he inspires people to confront their past and redefine their future through coaching, speaking and writing. We talk todo lists and life purpose.

Ayodeji Awosika

Ayodeji is an author and top online writer. In the span of a few years, he discovered a passion for writing, built a side business around his passion, tripled his income, and created a brand new life for himself. We talk change and reading.

Thomas Oppong

Thomas is a top online writer who writes science-based answers to problems about creativity, productivity, and self-improvement. He writes mostly for himself and then shares his findings to learn even more along the way. We talk science of productivity and mornings.

Laura Vanderkam

Laura helps people spend more time on what matters, and less on what doesn’t. She is the author of several time management and productivity books, including the bestseller 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think. We talk long-term planning and prioritising.

Nat Eliason

Nat has successfully launched many online ventures, from courses to phone apps, allowing him to become financially independent in his twenties. He is the founder and CEO of ​Growth Machine, an SEO and Content Marketing agency. We talk productivity and motivation.

Josh Rose

Josh is a photographer who is also a top writer in Photography and Creativity on medium. He works with branding, videos, copywriting, conceptual development and social media. We talk non-friction marketing, social media, and life post creative agency.

Dan Moore

Dan is a writer out of Okland, CA. His work has appeared in Business Insider,, and many other places around the internet. He is the founder of New Voices and also edits the online magazine PS I Love You. We talk inspirational people and honing your craft.

Sergey Faldin

A top Medium blogger in Creativity, Advice, Writing, Productivity, Sergey is the author of two books. He built a video production business and worked on branded content with companies such as Dunkin Donuts, Pepsi, Heineken… We talk 6-month rule and self-tracking.

Darius Foroux

Darius is the author of 6 books, including Think Straight and What It Takes To Be Free. He has over 150K followers on Medium, and is a top writer in many categories (productivity, psychology, self improvement…). We talk systems and simple efficiency.

Megan Holstein

Megan is a self-help writer on Medium. She used to do a lot of other things, like run a small business making apps for autistic children and consult with startups on their strategy, but now she just sticks to writing. We talk minimalism and self-discipline.

Adrian Drew

Adrian is a writer, publisher and owner of a fast-growing Medium-partnered publication about happiness and self-improvement. It's called Mind Cafe, and it has over 38K followers on Medium. We talk socialising for success, happiness, and work-life balance.

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