Why You Should Share All Your Secrets

It’s not easy to make it in the creative world. You need to find people who care about your work, to make friends that have the same interests as you do. You need to be creative and always have ideas. Your number one asset are your ideas and what you make out of them.

Ideas are extremely precious, they’re the stem of everything you do. They’re the seed you plant, and some of them might blossom into something amazing that will make you become successful. Your one shot at making it in the creative world might already be right there on your ideas list. Your ideas are your gold mine.

Because of how precious ideas are, you might be tempted to keep them secret. You might think you need to protect yourself, your work, your skills, your processes and your ideas altogether. You keep them safe on your laptop, at your studio, in a notepad… Never to be seen by anyone but you.

If you think this way, you’re right about one thing: ideas ARE indeed a gold mine. But you’re wrong about almost everything else. You need to share all your ideas, all your secrets, with all the people.

Here’s why.

People love secrets

People love to know how you work, what your process is, what your tips and tricks are. It’s human nature to be curious and to want to know what happens behind the curtain. In the world of creativity, it’s also a genuine longing for inspiration and creativity.

People love secrets, so give them some more. Secrets get shares and comments. It’s not about the fame, it’s about providing value and getting exposure from it. That’s what you need as an owner of your personal brand.

You will learn about others’ secrets

There’s something called positive synergy. It’s a term used to describe how the combined organisation is more than the sum of its parts due to the parts working together constructively. That’s exactly what you create when you share your secrets.

People will comment on your work, give you tips on how THEY do things, what THEY think of your process, what THEIR secrets are.

Based on the feedback you get from that, you’ll be able to merge your ideas and theirs together, and come up with amazing stuff. By doing so, you’ll get back 10 times what you gave, and you’ll create more and more positive synergy.

Your secrets are not secrets anyway

There’s only so many people on this planet, and so many ideas to generate. Most ideas are a sum of ideas merged together, because most of us are no geniuses. So if you think your secrets need to be locked in your own safe brain forever, think again.

There’s most likely someone out there already doing what you think is “your own thing”. And you probably got your great idea from something you saw, from someone else already doing what they think is “their own thing”. And that someone else got the idea from someone else too. So your secret has in fact already been out for a while.

If that’s not the case, then your idea is probably a mix of different ideas you harvested from different places, so it’s not YOUR secret. It’s the result of you mixing ideas from different people. If you share that new mix you found, you’ll get even more ingredients added to the mix, and who knows what you might come up with next?

Plus, you owe it to the people who you got ingredients from to give them credit. So go out there and tell everyone about your new recipe, and mention the cooks too.

Most secrets are not that impressive

You might think your secret is a crazy genius idea, but it most likely isn’t. The human brain has a very big tendency to be completely biased, especially with our own ideas. You’re going to need some help to remove that bias.

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” — Winston Churchill Click To Tweet

Winston Churchill is very right there. And just like success requires a lot of failures, genius ideas require a lot of bad ones. Every time you think you have a genius idea, it’s statistically more likely to be a bad one than a good one. So share it, and see what people say. Validate the concept before you spend months working on it, getting nowhere.

This is not to say you shouldn’t chase crazy ideas. They’re sometimes great. But crazy ideas can be very good or very bad, and a lot of them are the latter. To help you focus on what matters, share your secrets unfiltered, and see what people think right off the bat. It will help you adjust your trajectory.

You’ll make friends

“Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love and you’ll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It’s that simple.” — Austin Kleon Click To Tweet

This quote from Austin Kleon’s book Steal Like an Artist can’t explain it any better. It’s not people’s responsibility to come talk to you, take your hand and show you the way. Everybody is way too busy for that. That’s on you. Be vocal. The more secrets you share, the more work you show, the faster and the more people will come talk to you about what you do, and about what they do.

Then, more secrets will be exchanged, and you’ll meet awesome people who have the same interests as you do. People you’ve probably been looking for this entire time, finally here, at the doorstep of your creative world.

You owe it to people

Finally, the day you become successful, in any field it may be, it’s because a part of luck played out in your favour. You should never rely on luck, but you should always acknowledge it. People who don’t acknowledge they somehow got luck on their side are not really worth hanging out with, so don’t be like those people.

You owe sharing your secrets to the people who pushed you up, who supported you, who gave you ideas.

The process of sharing is also a process of helping and caring. It’s a never ending circle, and there’s no success without external support. Always acknowledge that.

“Above all, recognise that if you have had success, you have also had luck. And with luck comes obligations. You owe a debt, not just to your gods. You owe a debt to the unlucky.”— Michael Lewis Click To Tweet

So enjoy the journey. Share your secrets. Make awesome stuff.

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