Advice & Principles

Here are things I believe in and try to always remember in life. Take what you need, make your own opinion, and always remember to educate yourself.


Life in general

  • Never take a decision when you’re angry, never promise when you’re happy
  • Don’t promise a lot, but keep the promises you make
  • Time heals a lot of things
  • You create your own weather
  • The more you postpone something, the less you are likely to ever finish it
  • People talking in your back are in your back for a reason. Learn to not care
  • Knowledge is what is left when you can’t remember anything
  • If you don’t shoot you’ll never score
  • Never compare your life to others
  • Most of the cliché cheesy quotes your read online about life are true
  • Change is real only when it comes from the inside
  • If you want a cat, ask for a tiger


Work and success

  • If it was easy, everybody would do it
  • Everyday you keep going, hundreds of people quit
  • You will never change anything in your life until you do something daily
  • Success takes so much time, there’s no shortcut


People and relationships

  • Your relationships are the heaviest component in your life. Make sure you choose them wisely
  • Treating everyone you meet the same way is a skill mastered only by a few truthful people
  • Honesty is underrated
  • Don’t have serious conversations online, it’s never the right way to deal with feelings
  • Change only happens when you’re willing to create true inner change. People will be able to tell if you fake it
  • Don’t be condescending
  • Don’t judge people, you don’t know them
  • Look people in the eye when you talk to them
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Compromise is underrated



  • Always think of money as a time consuming resource. The end goal is to spend as little time making as much as possible, with first a lot of work, always within the law and preferably in the most honest manner.
  • If a monkey flips a coin a thousand times and at some point gets 20 tails in a row, people will say “what a lucky monkey”. But if an investor profits from 20 lucky stocks in a row, people will say “what a genius”.
  • Either stop spending 5 dollars a day at Starbucks, or find a way to make an extra 5 dollars a day.
  • The only reason people think they need a million dollars is because they want to live like millionaires. The goal should be to be able to get by and live a useful life.


This list is updated when I find the need to do so.


More inspiration? Here are some people that inspire me, and here are books I recommend.

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