How to Make Time to Read

This is the 21st century, people are always busy. Everyone is doing everything, everywhere, every time. From the most useless task of scrolling through Facebook, to a more productive approach like building a company, people don’t have time.

If you pride yourself with being productive, you might not read a lot. You might read bits of news here and there, but you don’t have time to actually read other people’s opinion on things. You can think on your own. You don’t have time to read about their achievements either, you are busy achieving your own stuff. You don’t have time for novels, you’re all about the real life.

I used to be exactly like that. I used to consider reading a major loss of time, putting it in the same category as watching TV and/or Youtube. But as time went by and I worked on my vision and my goals, I started to realize reading is extremely beneficial to the mind. It can help achieve even more than you thought possible in the first place. Even if it doesn’t help you in the sense of achievement, you can learn or escape reality. Relax for a bit, it’s not about doing things all the time.

Still not convinced? That’s okay, just grab a book with a title that you find interesting and give it a try for a week. Now, you need to be able to squeeze your reading time in your busy schedule. When exactly do you have time to read?

In public transportation

On average, people all over the world spend 2 hours per day in public transportation. If that is your case and you never find anything better to do other than mentally complaining about your own misery while on the bus, you know what to do now. Next time, bring a book with you. Reading will take you places, far away from that smelly granny sitting next to you. Is that a boogie on her upper lip?

On the toilet

You will spend a total of around 92 days on the toilet in your life. That’s huge. If you like to just focus on the effort and not do anything else, fine. But if you wish you could be done with this faster because you have other things to do, read on. It’ll make time fly and you’ll be done with your business before the end of that chapter.

At lunch break

If you’re part of the 9 to 5 club and never know what to do between 12 and 1pm other than talking about uninteresting things with your colleagues, bring a book.

In the morning

My personal favorite. Not easy if you think you are not a morning person. If you can make your mind function right after waking up, I highly recommend this. Reading in bed for 20–30 minutes with a cup of coffee is one of my favorite ways to start the day. It slows down your morning and gives you time for yourself.

At night

The most common approach. Reading before going to bed might be harder as your mind will be tired after a long day. However, it will help you fall asleep, and make you look at something else than a screen right before going to bed.

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