Consumerism Is Probably Getting In The Way Of Your Happiness

I like holding onto things to the point of not wanting them anymore. Our capitalist society always pushes us to consume more and more, to live paycheck to paycheck. We spend money on things without thinking for one second “do I actually need this?”. Spending feels good, owning feels great. Owning to the point of owing is another story.

I can’t even remember all the things I once wanted pretty bad and I ended up not buying. A brand new iPad has to be on that list. A new laptop. A brand new camera. A studio mic, new clothes, a 3D printer. A 3D printer is a smart purchase, you can learn a lot of things from it and have a lot of fun. But because I always question what I want to buy, I guess I just forgot to remember that I wanted one.

An iPhone is definitely on the list of things I once wanted and never bought. The iPhone (and the whole series of Apple products) is the emblem of brainless, pointless, robotic consumerism.

People already own an iPhone that they bought a year and a half ago. The phone still works and looks great. They have no interest in buying a new one in the first place. Then, the new version is released. And it looks so good, and it does everything so much better, and you can touch it, feel it, own it. And you buy it.

It is beyond my understanding how someone can spend 1000 dollars on a phone, especially when the one they have is only 1 year old and works completely fine. 1000 dollars is close to a monthly salary for a lot of folks (more than you think). And even for wealthier individuals, 1000 dollars is a nice vacation, an awesome weekend getaway…

I understand the feeling of it. I am not completely immune to the side effects of the society I live in. It does feel nice to own something brand new. Added to the superiority feeling you can get from owning the latest stuff, splurging 1000 on a phone is even more “understandable”.

People like to show off their money, either with the latest iPhone or with an outrageously expensive pair of jeans worth the price of a plane ticket. To the other side of the world and back. 2 times.

These behaviors are nasty side effects of the consumerism culture. We are constantly being told how we should dress, who we should look like or aspire to become.

Most of us fall in the trap and spend on things we will not use anymore in less than a year, without even needing them in the first place. People prefer to spend on things than on experiences. They would rather save $500 on a $2500 flat screen than spend $500 on a vacation.

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If you are considering a (free) upgrade, consider this advice. Everybody always has their next purchase in mind. Think of yours. Think of the next thing you want to buy that has a price tag above $150. A TV, a phone, tablet, printer, expensive clothing…

Now think how nice it would be to get away for the weekend. Something new, special, maybe something you keep putting off. Like going to the beach. Forget whatever you wanted to buy. Take those 150 dollars and spend them on a weekend with you friends or family.

You’ll see how amazing it is to spend on fulfilling experiences rather than on things you don’t need. It will break your routine and make you feel a lot happier than playing Doodle Jump on your new touchscreen. Think about it. If you were to die tomorrow, would you rather buy an iPhone or go somewhere where you can rest in peace?

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