50 Ideas to Do the Work (Links Included)

Here are 50 ideas to inspire you to get to work. Some of these ideas can potentially become core principles in your life, others can be simple tips to remember. Most of them have proven to be very efficient for me. I link to a lot of resources that have helped me tremendously in my journey towards self-improvement and getting work done. I link to 4 types of resources: article, book, video, and quote.

I believe some tips in this list truly have the power to change your life. They are core habits. They simply work, if you commit to them. I’ve seen them work with myself as well as other people. They will drive momentum as long as you don’t stop, and good things will happen along the way. They’re usually pretty simple, even obvious, because that’s what works best in life: simplicity. I marked those core habits with a star ☆

Everyone is different. Most of the advice given in any field usually needs to be adjusted to each and every one’s personality. Work can be done in a lot of different ways. Here are tips that work for me. Take out what you don’t want, apply what you need, and be honest with yourself.

What matters is the results.

  1. Put your phone in another room when you work
  2. One device, one use
  3. Keep only 10 newsletter subscriptions
  4. Work at the same time everyday
  5. Turn off all notifications
  6. Wake up early
  7. No phone before 9am
  8. No phone after 9pm
  9. Read about your craft everyday
  10. Do emails only once a day
  11. Never work on Sundays
  12. Start your day by working on your Top Priority
  13. Say no to things getting in the way of your Priorities
  14. Remove toxic people from your life
  15. Choose a set of tools and stick to it
  16. Sleep 8 hours per night
  17. Always track your progress
  18. Keep working through the dip
  19. Be honest in what you do
  20. Be grateful for how far you’ve come, be determined to get further
  21. Be organised
  22. Remove clutter
  23. Stop caring about other people
  24. Batch similar tasks
  25. Have weekly reviews
  26. Do more than you talk
  27. Remove social media from your life
  28. Keep calm and carry on
  29. Focus on being productive instead of busy
  30. Simplify, simplify, simplify
  31. You choose how you react to your environment
  32. Sleep on problems, don’t spend the night trying to fix them
  33. Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant
  34. Cancel your Netflix subscription
  35. Use the SelfControl app
  36. Don’t have more than 5 tabs open at a time
  37. Always carry a small journal/notepad with you
  38. Money is a side effect of success, not a goal
  39. Put some things in the calendar way ahead
  40. Be accountable to the people who matter in your life
  41. Learn about the flow triggers and how to make them work for you
  42. Prioritise or get left behind
  43. Learn about the sunk cost cognitive bias and its consequences on work
  44. Manage your time in blocks of 168 hours
  45. The harder your work, the luckier you get. Do not rely on luck but on work.
  46. Focus on what is in your power instead of obsessing over what is not
  47. Every minute you spend in planning saves you 10 in executing
  48. Prefer systems over goals
  49. Smile more, it triggers the happy parts in your brain
  50. Commit for 6 months (or more) before saying you can’t do it

Medium authors mentioned in this article: Lance Baker, Kolina Cicero, Adrian Drew, Darius Foroux, Nicolas Cole, Megan Holstein, Charles ALBAUT, Aytekin Tank, Niklas Göke, Sergey Faldin, Jonah Malin. Thank you guys for writing awesome content!

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